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casually fancy, the idiot's way.

  • Me: I should draw.
  • Me: Gonna Draw.
  • Me: ......
  • Me: *spends an entire hour looking at xmen toys on amazon and nightcrawler merchandise*

Ahhh i just finished this print for the con this saturday and sunday so glad we’ve got a great printer with cheap ink =v= i had so much fun with this picture. I tried to give them all different body types too, not sure how that turned out but yeah! I love sailor moon and the Gotham City Sirens so this was a great print to make qvq 

lfgb Asked:
You know you are my senpia :3

My answer:


i am unworthy of such titles my friend but thank you this message made my day

Things that make some days just a bit better:

  • Those tiny little bubbles coming out of the soap bottle
  • sleeping in without consequences
  • when its cold enough that you sleep with lots of blankets
  • never truly knowing what tomorrow will bring
  • the quiet hum of a fan while you study
  • video games
  • taking a second just to stretch an breathe
  • the smell of the place you call home
  • putting your hearts into a story and falling in love with it
  • knowing they’re are good people in the world even with all the terrible things that have been happening
  • hope

Welcome, son.

Made these today for the geek gathering, only a week left! So excited! Eventually I am going to open an eshop so if you’re interested just wait a little longer please! 



  • All denominations are USD! 
  • I will draw pretty much ANYTHING so if you’re hesitant about a subject just send me a note!
  • I only accept Paypal as a payment method sorry! But if you really want a work and can’t do paypal message me we can work something out I’m sure!
  • If you are interested send me a note to my tumblr and I’ll give you my paypal information.
  • If you can’t afford or do not wish for a commission from me please signal boost this I’d really appreciate it!! 


My section for the beautiful Yaoi Hands anthology zine. More info here

Chibi warriors!  I’m going to make these into keychains for a con coming up but I think I might open up an eshop if they sell well! 


BBC Radio 4 has today confirmed that the station will be collaborating with acclaimed authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett to create the first ever dramatisation of their co-penned cult-classic, Good Omens.

ヽ(。ゝω・)ノHello! Naomi Skye here!

On this blog you will find my shoddy attempts at art, my even shoddier fandoms, and occasionally just things that I can't stop guffawing over like an idiot.I love me some Comics, Zelda, weeabos,musicas, and general absurdity. And by the gods do I fucking love Richard Grayson

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